Microsoft Surface Tablet – Why MS Tab?

The latest arrival in the tablet zone has created a huge buzz among the competitors and tablet lovers. Microsoft Surface Tablet has hit with a bang. The MS Tab is launched recently in two versions.Microsoft Tablet - Surface

  1. Windows RT OS
  2. Windows Pro OS

Both the versions have slight difference in their specification but the design and outlay is completely same. MS Tablet has created various discussion points and unanswered questions with its recent arrival. Why should people go for the new MS Tab whereas Apple has provided excellent iPads to their consumers for years? This is the question which is common these days among the tab lovers. The question is obvious due to Apple’s dominance in the tablet zone. So, the question is why should people shift to Microsoft Tablet?

There are numerous reasons why anybody should move to Microsoft Surface Tablet. However, here are few reasons explained so that you get the complete understanding about the differences in MS Tab and all other tabs.

Touch and Type Cover: Microsoft came up with the idea of providing the consumers with a complete keyboard along with touch feature. The type cover contains physical buttons which induces the typing speed without slowing the operations on the tab. The keyboard can be turned at the back of the tab. With an automatic feature the keyboard gets locked at the back position and the keys don’t perform while you hold the tablet.  Apple’s iPad does not possess this feature.

Smart Look: Now that the tablets have gone sexy with the arrival of MS Tab why anybody wouldn’t like to go for it. MS Tab has been launched in four colors. Charcoal, blue, red and pink make the tab look elegant and sexy along its smart outlook. It is lighter in weight as compared to majority of the tablets in the market.

Kickstand:  The kickstand is the sit back holder of tablet. Just like an LCD this tablet can be placed anywhere with the help of its kickstand. The kickstand comes out from the back of the tablet and goes back in when you close it. The best part is that it doesn’t destroy the elegant look of the tablet as it disappears when you close it. You can hold and place this tablet according to your mood with this innovation.

Convenience: The level of convenience in the tablets has increased to a great extent with the launch of MS Tablet. The tablet is easy to hold due to its soft and smooth buildup around the edges. Additional ports like microSD, USB 3.0 and mini display port for video connection have added a lot to the usage of a tablet. Microsoft Eco System also adds to the convenience of this tablet. All these and many more exciting features add a lot to the convenience of tablet usage.

MS Tab is different from all other tabs in the market due to its innovation and consumer convenience vision. I would recommend all the tablet lovers to go for it because Microsoft has yet again produced brilliance.